QA Manual Testing

Let's face it. With the deadlines you are facing right now, you don't have time to thoroughly test the website, web-app or mobile app your team is developing. Outsource the testing to us before go-live. Simply - Let us discover any bugs before the client does!

What We Do

We basically do QA website testing, web-app testing, mobile app testing.

What We Offer

We scour your website / web-app with a fine tooth comb (like a user), then we give you the following report:

INITIAL SUBJECTIVE EVAL: Features that are outstanding
Features that are outrightly terrible
BUGS - Functional bugs
- Content bugs
- Visual bugs
ANALYSIS OF LIGHTHOUSE REPORT: Suggest low hanging fruit that will improve the website / web-app's performance Performance
Best Practices
SUGGESTIONS If we were responsible for developing the website, which feature(s) / aspect(s) would we change & why
- Technical Suggestions
- Usability Suggestions
WHAT WE DON'T DO We don't hack or attempt to do any hacking of your website or app. We test it like a typical end user.

Contact Us

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